Bags of Love

A new outreach initiative in Suffolk is 'Bags of Love' - these are small bags filled with items to be given to an individual at a particular time when they might be feeling vulnerable or just in need of a hug. 

Bag of love presented to Sarah Rogers on the birth of her babyFor instance a bag of love could be given to a family to celebrate a new birth, or to a neighbour at Christmas to begin to build a relationship, to someone who feels alone in the local community, to the families of those in prison, to mums waiting at the school gate on that first day, to those returning from hospital, receiving good or bad news, the unwell or bereaved.  They can also given on the happy occasions like a Wedding, a  Baptism, a homecoming, a celebration or anniversary -  it’s just to say 'we care'. 

Each bag would typically contain

A tea bag or coffee bag which is essential for making things better

A packet of tissues – either for tears of happiness, or sadness

A small bar of chocolate to help things along

An MU Prayer card when one doesn’t know to whom to turn

A calling card with the Diocesan Mothers’ Union website –

An introductory leaflet about the work of the Mothers’ Union here in Suffolk

And something relevant to the situation, for example in a bag given to a new mum could include a leaflet 'Praying with your baby'.

Contents of a typical Bag of Love