Prayer for March

Our prayer for March is from the MU Prayer Diary:

'First at the cradle and last at the cross’,
women from every walk of life continue to inspire us.
Whether we are a ‘Mary’ or a ‘Martha’, we pray to be blessed
with a prayerful heart and a spirit of hope
that brings encouragement and light to others. Amen



Inspiring women appear in our lives in many guises. Like Martha, some are busy serving, whereas others like Mary, relish being present in the moment. Both were inspired by Jesus, and in turn are inspiring models to follow. Like them, we each have differing traits and personalities. But whatever our individual qualities we are all equally valued and loved by God. And whether we are a ‘doer’ or a ‘thinker’ (or maybe a mixture of both) God can, and does use us as a light to inspire others. Let’s savour that thought!


Creative Prayer:

We may have many demands upon us which lead to our feeling drained and depleted. Reflect on the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10. Then determine to connect purposefully with God in even the simplest daily tasks, breathing God’s love into each thought and action. At the end of each day rest in God’s presence, in thanks for how he has led you.


Four women standing in front of a sunset landscape


Photo credit - from Pixabay.