Prayers for July

Father in heaven, we thank you for this earth; for all your creation; for each other and that how we think and speak and act show that we understand – when you tell us that all ‘are created equal’ in your sight; we thank you for your persistent patience with us.

Jesus in our midst, we pray that we will recognise you in the person next to us who asks for help; for the person who lives on the ‘other side of the tracks’; for the person described as being ‘strange’ or ‘difficult’; for the person who appears un-cared for and alone.

Holy Spirit patiently waiting to inhabit our bodies, hearts and minds, we pray that you will find each of us receptive and wanting to be the person God had hoped and wished us to be. We thank you that when we say, ‘Here I am, Lord’, you can make it happen, for nothing is impossible for you.