Prayer for April

Our prayer for April is from the MU Prayer Diary:

We celebrate abundant life with full and thankful hearts.

We give thanks for the imprint of heaven

which enhances our life in the here and now.

May our appreciation of all we enjoy

bring praise to our bountiful God.




Life can be hard, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, struggling with everyday living. Our hearts ache at the sadness in the world. In these moments it’s good to remember that we are not on our own, but that Jesus is at the right hand of the Father, praying for us. Christ died, but rose again, opening the way for us to enjoy abundant life; not only in our heavenly future, but here and now on earth. So let’s revel in that which brings us joy, whether a beautiful sunset, coffee with a friend or a precious answer to prayer.

Creative prayer:

Look out of a window or go for a walk and take note of three things you see which give you pleasure.

Give thanks for the lens of faith and thankfulness through which we can appreciate and enjoy God’s gift of abundant life.



image of apple blossom

Photo credit - Couleur from Pixabay.