News from Fressingfield

Anna Vessey reports on recent activities in Fressingfield and around:

On 3rd August we held a Garden Party at our home for the Summer of Hope Appeal and raised £320. Keith is able to add Gift Aid to this making a total of £384.


Produce stall at the Garden Party


Members and friends inside.....


..... and outside


The second event was the North Suffolk Area Morning. Our speaker was Debbie Johnson from the Lighthouse Women's Refuge in Ipswich and one of the photos shows Sue Norrington from Yoxmere giving her some bags of toiletries which her members had made. The collection at our service that day is also going to the Summer of Hope Appeal and raised £161 after Gift Aid.

Anna addressing members at the North Suffolk Area morning


Bags of toiletries being donated to Lighthouse


Christine Ward at the NSA morning


By Clare Thomas on September 16th, 2017