A new beginning - in Sudan!

Recently, the Archbishop of Canterbury has been to Sudan.  Archbishop Justin preached at the service to mark the inauguration of the new Anglican Province of Sudan.    Knowing the many troubles of Sudan, it was very encouraging that the Archbishop, who is noted for his careful choice of words, said to the Mothers’ Union in Sudan:  ‘You are the heart and love of the Church.’   He also assured them that: ‘Provinces of Mothers’ Union around the world are praying for you today and always’. 

So, may we be inspired to pray for these people in all the dimensions of their new commitments.  The following is a suggestion:

‘We thank you, Great God, for the Mothers’ Union in Sudan, with all the joys, challenges, hopes and dreams that they have for the future.   We thank you for their inspiration, and for the passion and commitment of members, leading them to serve others.  We pray for those who visit the sick and support those in prison.  We pray for those who are transforming the lives of women through literacy and skills training groups and through savings groups.  We pray for MU Sudan as they move forward, working to be salt and light within their communities; for Jesus’ sake, Amen’.

By Clare Thomas on September 16th, 2017