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Membership of the Mothers' Union is open to anyone (male or female) who has been baptised in any Christian denomination and agrees with the Aims and Objectives of the Mothers' Union.  All MU members in our Diocese receive our quarterly newsletter 'Pathways', and can subscribe to the MU bi-monthly magazine 'Families First' at a reduced rate.  'Families Worldwide' containing a prayer diary, reflections and information about Mothers' Union around the world is included twice a year with 'Families First'.

There are several different membership options:

Branch membership

You join your local branch, membership costs £18.50 pa (2016) which is collected by your branch.  You will receive Pathways and Families Worldwide (if not already received with Familes First magazine).

Diocesan membership

You don't belong to a branch, but pay the same membership (£18.50) which is collected by the Diocesan Treasurer.  You can attend events specifically arranged for Diocesan members, and are also welcome at any Branch meetings you might wish to attend.  You will receive Pathways and Families Worldwide (if not already received with Familes First magazine).

Indoor membership (IMPC)

This type of membership is for people who are not able to get to branch meetings.  IPMC stands for 'Indoor Members Prayer Circle'.  You will be invited to pray for all MU projects, home and abroad and also for members who are sick or suffering.  You will receive letters and magazines (including Pathways and the Prayer Diary) during the year.  These members often have long histories of association with Mothers Union and their prayer support is invaluable.

Families First

Subscriptions for the Familes First magazine (£10.50 for 2017) are collected annually by branch treasurers, or you can pay by direct debit.  Please do consider paying by direct debit, as your bank account won't be debited until January and it creates much less work for everyone as there is no cheque or cash for your branch treasurer to pay in and pass on to the Diocese, to then pass on to Mary Sumner House.  Direct debit forms should be completed with your bank details on and then given to your branch treasurer.