Faithful prayer

Last year, Mothers’ Union organised a Retreat for members and others, led by Dr Ann Spalding at Belsey Bridge Conference Centre in Ditchingham, entitled “Faithful Prayer”. Following feedback from the Retreat, the question arose as to how can we actually become more faithful in our prayers – how can we put our faith into action?

Several ideas emerged. One suggested we should get together in pairs and build a prayer cell/partnership, another finds it helpful when three people come together - a trio – or perhaps go along to an already established home group or, even better, be brave enough to start a prayer meeting or group in your home, or church, and invite others along and join you. Perhaps a Branch Leader could help in pairing up twos and threes (just for a limited time, initially, to see how it goes!) Mothers’ Union is often referred to as the “Powerhouse of Prayer” because, when we became members of the Mothers’ Union, we made the commitment (one of the five objects) to “maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service”.

One way of being “united in prayer” is for Mothers’ Union members to join with others and pray together. Perhaps this is not “your thing” – you don’t know what to say, or what words to use.... you’re uncertain... So here are two specific practical projects which really need our prayerful support over the next two or three months... Prayers can be found on our own website (, on MSH resources, or the Diocese, or books, or material found in the church, or you can simply write down a sentence of your own and take it along with you to read out loud. What an encouragement that would be to others?

Uncertain about what to pray for, or about, or say? Here are two suggestions; both projects have promotional video clips on their websites:

Thy kingdom come

Between Thursday 25th May to Sunday 4th June, Christians everywhere are being called to join this Global Wave of Prayer for people to know Jesus Christ. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are joining with the Presidents of Churches Together in England, the Worldwide Anglican Communion and the World Methodist Council to encourage participation. In our Diocese every church and individual is being asked to join in, whether alone or in attending or organising an event. More information can be found at or on the dedicated Diocesan webpage (

Who Cares?

On the 6th June, at 7.00 for 7.30, at the Sanctuary, Ipswich, there is a training evening following the Vision Night for the launch of “Who Cares? - What hurts the most?” ( Everybody hurts but not everybody has hope. ‘Who Cares?’ Is a countrywide initiative where churches are working together to listen to the needs of local people and offer compassion and hope.

Both of these projects need to be underpinned by prayer – and as Mothers’ Union members, we have a real opportunity to put faithful prayer into action and witness the amazing blessings that will follow....