What is MULOA?

Mothers’ Union Listening, Observing and Acting



MULOA is a process that will enable all the 600 dioceses in which Mothers’ Union works globally to listen to each other, to the people we serve and to partners so we can co-create the future together. It will help us be clear about our God-given purpose and direction in our local and global context. It will energise and inspire us in our relationships and calling so we can be more effective in making a difference in our world.


MULOA Principles

Three principles underpin and guide the process:




  • to God
  • to each other
  • to the marginalised
  • to learning from others
  • creating a safe space
  • identifying and celebrating what we have
  • looking to the future
  • taking responsibility
  • feeding back honestly



MULOA Core Questions

The process explores the following basic questions about how Mothers’ Union makes a difference:


Whose lives are we touching OR could we be?

Who and what else influences them? (helps and hindrances)


What difference are we making in people’s lives? OR could we make?


How do we effectively make a difference? OR could we?


During 2018 we launched MULOA in our Diocese, with a session in each Area.  The following sessions are already planned for 2019:

9 April  Thurston Branch meeting at ‘the Rock’ ( by Churchyard) 1.30pm start with soup and rolls then maybe transferring to Church for 3.45 tea and biscuits.  Great Barton are invited too.

 15 May  Hadleigh Branch meeting in Hadleigh Church 12.30 pm start with soup and rolls and continuing meeting in Church to finish with tea etc by 4 pm.

5 June Shotley Penninsula meeting St Andrews Church Room 1.30 pm start finishing 4 pm.

 19 November Cathedral Branch meeting in Cathedral Room at 7.30 pm  MULOA flavour if not complete session!



Viv Buckle, Cathie McGregor, Sue Norrington, Clare Thomas, Monica Twaits, Anna Vessey and Christine Ward

If your Branch or Group would like to consider a MULOA session please contact Christine Ward for information.  To start with a simple meal ie soup, roll and fruit, gets everyone together particularly if two branches are joining together.  Minimum numbers are 6 and beyond 26 can be a crush!  The session needs to be two hours following the meal.  Always willing to accommodate requests.  Please do inquire by email.