Waldringfield, Newbourne and Hemley

The Waldringfield, Newbourne and Hemley branch has a busy programme throughout the year.  Please contact Mrs Jean Haste, the branch leader, for more details, on 01394 212089.

Programme for 2017

January 10th - 10am Holy Communion

January 18th - 2.30pm AGM at Waldringfield Church Room

February 14th - 10am Holy Communion

March 1st - 11am Ash Wednesday Communion and Hunger Lunch

March 3rd - 2pm Womens' World Day of Prayer at Martlesham

March 25th - 11am Lady Day at Southwold

March 26th - 11am Mothering Sunday

April 16th - Easter Sunday

April 19th - Meeting

May 9th - 10am Holy Communion

May 17th - 2pm Deanery Service at Waldringfield

June 13th - 10am Holy Communion

June 21st - 2.30pm Garden Meeting

July 5th - AGM at Whitton

July 11th - 10am Holy Communoion

July 19th - 2.30pm St Raphael Service & Teddy Bears' picnic

August 9th - Mary Sumner Day - Holy Communion and lunch

September 12th - 10am Holy Communion

September 20th - 10am Coffee Morning and 'paying of subscriptions'

October 10th - 10am Holy Communion

November 14th - 10am Holy Communion

November 22nd - 2.30pm Meeting

December 12th - 10am Holy Communion

December 20th - 2pm MU Christmas Carol Service