St Mary's with St Agnes' Newmarket branch meets on the first Thursday or first Friday of the month alternately.  Thursday meetings are at 2pm with a 20-30 minute service in St Mary's followed by a meeting in the Turner Hall.  Friday meetings are held at 10am in the Turner Hall.

We hold a Prayer Meeting on the 3rd Monday of each month, at 2.30pm at the home of Mary Hunt, 20 Fitzroy Street.  There is a Coprorate Communion Service on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 10am at St Mary's Church - it is a Said Communion lasting about 30 minutes with coffee and biscuits afterwards.

Usually the June meeting is a coffee morning or strawberry tea at Turner Hall, and the July meeting is a luncheon at the Rosery Hotel, Exning, but depending on the prevailing circumstances these may be swapped round.

In August we have a Poetry and Prayer meeting hosted by Lynnette Tonge at her home.

The October meeting is set aside for our Branch AGM.

In December we have a joint Advent service with Beck Row and Mildenhall branches, taking turns to host the service.  On the 2nd Friday we have Carols & Mincepies, led by Daphne Knott and hosted by Mary Reeve at her home, and she also provides refreshments.  On Christmas Eve with St Mary's congregation we have a crib service for children.

Indoor members are 'looked after' by Mary Sharpe, with relevant literature posted out by our secretary.

A collection of suitable items are gathered in St Mary's at Christmas and Easter for the families at the Women's Refuge in Bury St Edmunds.  This is co-ordinated by Mary Sharpe, with invaluable assistance from Lynnette Tonge.

All children baptised in St Mary's or St Agnes' Churches are recorded, and Mothers' Union Anniversary Cards are sent out each year for five years.  This is funded by St Mary's Church and co-ordinated by Ruth Kent.

At the coffee after Corporate Communions, donations in gratitude for our many blessings are collected on behalf of the Mothers' Union charity AFIA (Away From It All) holidays.

For further information, please contact our Secretary Mrs Ruth Kent (01638 667871 or email) or either of our Branch Leaders Mrs Daphne Knott (01638 603348) or Mrs Mary Sharpe (01638 603775).