Diocesan Members

Becoming a Diocesan member is a way of still supporting Mothers’ Union whilst not attending a branch. You may not be able to attend a branch for many reasons; my husband is a Diocesan member because he is in charge of a Benefice and there may be more than one branch within a benefice; others may not be able to attend due to work commitments, there are many reasons.

We have a get-together once a year, usually in the autumn and members are told of all the things going on in their areas. I do try to encourage members to attend as many things as they can. I do keep in touch with letters and postings throughout the year.

My name is Mrs Christine Mitchell and you can reach me on 01787 278187 or by email.

If you think this is for you don’t hesitate to contact me; if by telephone then please only ring between 10:00 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening.

Thank You